8 Tips for Traveling to Transylvania as a Female Solo Traveler

Solo woman traveler

Table of Contents Being a woman is no longer an impediment to doing what you want, even traveling. There are more and more women traveling alone in airports or taking their postal photos for social networks. In general, unlike other countries, Transylvania is a safe destination for female solo travelers. We may have ancient streets, …

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A Spa Day at Lake Ursu

Sovata, Transylvania Sovata is in the southern part of Mures province. It’s 55 km (29 miles) from Targu Mures, 70 km(38 miles) from Sighisoara, and 140 km (87 miles) from Turda and its famous salt mine. Since in any other place on Earth the amount of salt concentration makes life impossible, it’s areserve of unusual …

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Regenerative agriculture – wait, what? (Video)

Everyone understands what we mean by modern agriculture, and yet I will go into that shortly. Modern Agriculture – really? Today, when I’m discussing agriculture, participants tend to talk about the size of their fields (the bigger the better), their tractors (as much horsepower as possible), and the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other so-called …

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Mehr als nur BIO !

Auf weniger als 1 Hektare eine ganze Familie ernähren? Geht denn das überhaupt? Und wie? Unsere Ernährung ist heute geprägt von geschmacklosen, nährstoffarmen Produkten welche man nur noch mit Sarkasmus als „Lebensmittel“ bezeichnen kann. Gerade junge Menschen und Kinder wissen oft nicht mehr wie denn ein bestimmtes Gemüse überhaupt schmecken sollte. Unsere Sinne für den …

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